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Stephen Haynes, Photographer
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Welcome to this collection of my fine art photography. 

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I have been a photographer since 1969.  Most of that time my work was in film, first exclusively in black and white, and then increasingly in color.  Until 2000 I worked at various levels of intensity while concentrating on other, non-photographic careers.  Since October 2000, however, this has changed.  Now I work with digital media, currently the Canon 5D Mark III digital SLR, and fine art photography is a frequent pursuit.

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Most photographs are available as fine art prints.  Please read this and then contact me at

If you are interested in the equipment I use, that is discussed here.

Photos displayed on this site are best viewed on a monitor with dimensions at least 1024x768, in Firefox or Internet Explorer maximized to fill the screen (on a PC, press F11 to maximize Netscape and MS Internet Explorer).  Many of my final images are in color, although often I convert color images to black and white when the results are aesthetically particularly pleasing.

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