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The Best of the 2001-2002 Season

2000-2001 Season The Minnesota Opera

As for the previous year's productions I have selected below the "best" photographs from The Minnesota Opera's 2001-2002 Season.  All five productions are represented. 

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Gaetano Donizetti, Lucia di Lammermoor

IMG_3034_small.jpg (4782 bytes) Lucia and her companion Alisa anticipating the arrival of her love, Edgardo.

Because lighting came from a large surface immediately out of sight below (see the next two photos), and from spots at both sides, this photo required several iterations of the duplicate layer/levels/layer mask process to bring all skin tones to the same tonal value.   Compare the original.

IMG_3305_small.jpg (4646 bytes) Lucia, having been convinced of Edgardo's unfaithfulness by a forged letter, and having agreed to marry Arturo, is paralyzed by grief at her misfortune.
IMG_3734_small.jpg (5555 bytes) Normanno, even at the end unrepentent of his part in the tragedy.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, La Clemenza di Tito

IMG_4408_small.jpg (15367 bytes) [Vitellia, daughter of a former Roman emperor deposed by Tito's father, has vowed to accomplish Emperor Tito's assassination rather than see him marry another woman.  Sesto (a "pants role") is her intended weapon.]


Before the sun sets,
I want the worthless man dead;
You know he stole a kingdom
That heaven gave me as my destiny.

IMG_4536_small.jpg (20305 bytes) Servilia:  My love.

Annio (another "pants role"):

Silence, Servilia.  It is now a crime
To call me thus.

Servilia:  Why?


Has chosen you ... as his consort.

IMG_4553_small.jpg (19290 bytes) Servilia:

Ah!  you were the first man
That I loved faithfully till now,
And you shall be the last
That will have a nest in my heart.

IMG_4723_small.jpg (13902 bytes) [Sesto is on his way to carry out the plot, whereupon Vitellia learns that Tito has now chosen her to be his consort.]


I am coming!  Wait!  Sesto!
Alas! Sesto! Has he gone?
Oh my fatal scorn!
Oh my insane fury!
What anxiety!  what torment!
Oh God!  I freeze with horror.

IMG_4952_small.jpg (20070 bytes) Tito:

Ah, Sestos!  then it is true?
Then you wish for my death!
... If you have been able
To forget the Emperor Tito, why did you not remember
Titus your friend?

IMG_5054_small.jpg (16410 bytes) Servilia [to Vitellia], imploring her to go to Sesto's aid:

... That unhappy man
Loves you more than himself; he always had your name
On his lips; he turned pale whenever
You were spoken of.  You weep!


IMG_5187_pan_small.jpg (10148 bytes)


The grand finale:


Eternal Gods, watch over
His sacred life,
In him preserve
Rome's happiness.


Cut short, eternal Gods,
Cut short my life,
On that day in which
The good of Rome shall not be my care.

Panorama of four photographs stitched together.


Giacomo Puccini, La Bohème

IMG_6012_small.jpg (3363 bytes) The Bohemians, feigning outrage at Benoit's indiscretions, throw him out.  Schaunard and Colline close the door on Benoit amidst peals of laughter.
IMG_6196_small.jpg (6928 bytes) The toy-vendor, Parpignol, passes with his cart filled with toys and marionettes, to the delight of several children.
IMG_6221_small.jpg (5229 bytes) Colline and Schaunard share a moment of drink and gaiety.
IMG_5889_panorama_small.jpg (3588 bytes) While the Bohemians (and Mimi) contemplate their good fortune of a paid-up bill, Marcello and Musetta are reunited, and the other celebrants admire a parade of soldiers.

Panorama of three images stitched together.

IMG_6360_small.jpg (4116 bytes) Mimi appears, cold and ill, seeking Marcello, to seek his help with her difficulties with an ever-jealous, suspicious Rodolfo.
IMG_6473_small.jpg (4951 bytes) Musetta, meanwhile, ever the coquette, teases Marcello.  Eventually Mimi and Rodolfo reconcile; Musetta and Marcello, meanwhile, part amidst a storm of mutual insults.  Mimi and Rodolfo vow to stay together until spring.
IMG_6689_small.jpg (4378 bytes) Mimi has died, as yet unbeknownst to others in the room; Musetta still prays for her.


Mark Adamo, Little Women

IMG_8613_small.jpg (7404 bytes) The sisters (from left to right, Amy, Meg, Jo, and Beth) and Laurie play "truth or dare" in the household attic.

IMG_8687_small.jpg (3693 bytes)

Meg listening enraptured to John Brooke, who is romancing her.
IMG_8734_small.jpg (4949 bytes) John moves a step closer to winning Meg's heart by the contrivance of returning to her a lost glove.
IMG_8961_small.jpg (5955 bytes) John and Meg are married, using her parents' vows.
IMG_9019_small.jpg (4476 bytes) Amy writes of her time in London, where she has fallen under Laurie's spell.
IMG_9228_small.jpg (4772 bytes) Jo prays for Beth's recovery.
IMG_9388_small.jpg (5852 bytes) At the opera's end, however, Friedrich reappears, and we know that Jo's life will take its own happier turn as their relationship grows:
Bhaer: I had a little business in town.
Is now the good moment?
[Jo thinks a moment]
Jo: Now is all there is.
[She extends her hand.]
Come in.
[Bhaer ascends toward her.]


Giuseppe Verdi, Don Carlos

IMG_0430_small.jpg (5702 bytes) The Veil Song, a Moorish tale of a king who seeks to seduce as his mistress a woman who in fact is his veiled wife.
IMG_0451_small.jpg (5693 bytes) Thibault, Queen Elisabeth's page, acting out part of the Veil Song.
IMG_0612_small.jpg (4942 bytes) Elisabeth's lady-in-waiting, the Countess d'Aremberg, has been banished because she left Elisabeth unattended (and thus able to meet with Carlos); Elisabeth tells her sorrowfully, "You will see France once more.  Say farewell to it for me!"
IMG_0721_small.jpg (6230 bytes) A heretic condemned by the Inquisition, penitent, is consigned nonetheless to the flames.
IMG_0827_small.jpg (3181 bytes) The auto-da-fé:   as the heretics burn a Celestial Voice sings:

Fly up to the Lord, O poor souls!
Come, feel the peace close by the throne of God!

IMG_0888_small.jpg (5026 bytes) The blind Grand Inquisitioner confronts Philippe over the questionable faith and seditious activities of his son, Carlos.

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