American National Ballet
2003-04 Season

Performances ANB 04-05 Season

Below are performances I photographed from my first season working with ANB.  (Click the date to see return engagements as ANB's official photographer:  March 2004, April 2004, June 2004.)

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October 2003

IMG_7546_Duotone_small.jpg (6548 bytes) Lady of the Camellias
Music: Chopin, Piano Concerto #4
IMG_7616_clean_small.jpg (9933 bytes) Unbearable Quandary
Music: Miki, Spiritual
IMG_7789_Duotone_small.jpg (7853 bytes) Symphonic Poem in 6
Music: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
IMG_7880_Duotone_small.jpg (6214 bytes) Coercing Virtue
Music: Barber, Adagio for Strings
IMG_7987_clean_small.jpg (9297 bytes) The New Tango, "Work in Progress"
Music: Ceasar Garcia, Glass House

March 2004

I was invited back to Duluth to photograph ANB again, in March 2004.  The company performed six pieces, with a very young female corps in all of them (Armando and one other male danced only in Hamlet).  Hamlet was performed under execrable lighting conditions -- I had to boost ISO to 3200, which means the photographs have excessive digital noise.  To mask that, I introduced grain into each image.  Otherwise, the performances speak for themselves. 

IMG_9819_BW_small.jpg (11434 bytes) Hamlet
IMG_9872_small.jpg (8822 bytes) The New Tango
IMG_9916_small.jpg (11862 bytes) Equinox
IMG_9943_Duotone_small.jpg (8085 bytes) Paradise Lost
JMG_0014_small.jpg (7427 bytes) La Morte de L'Oiseau Blanc
JMG_0034_small.jpg (9297 bytes) To the Moon

April 2004

Back to Duluth in April.  Another imaginative mix.  A new choreographer created the second set, A Gift from the Sea, a filmy and darkly colorful piece largely in slow motion.  Lighting again was very challenging, so grain (digital noise) is evident in much of the work. 

IMG_5971_Duotone_small.jpg (7198 bytes) Unmoved
IMG_6108_Smooth_small.jpg (6683 bytes) A Gift from the Sea
IMG_6231_Smooth_small.jpg (8682 bytes) Inner Schism
IMG_6416_Duotone_small.jpg (8286 bytes) Savage Passion

June 2004

The final performance of the season came in June.  Four more pieces, including a revisit to the tango, most of which I photographed with a very slow shutter speed, to some good effect.  Looks like I'll be back photographing ANB in autumn.

IMG_8991_Duotone_small.jpg (7499 bytes) Othello
IMG_9174_small.jpg (10086 bytes) Degas Watercolors
IMG_9363_small.jpg (6457 bytes) The New Tango
IMG_9921_Duotone_small.jpg (6732 bytes) InsideOUT

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