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We traveled to China in April-May 2001.  I took over 5,000 photographs, of which over 800 were used to illustrate the journal of our trip.  The very best are shown here.

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IMG_7741_pan_small.jpg (18267 bytes) The Great Wall of China at Badaling.   Panorama taken on a hazy day (4/20/01). 
IMG_7785_small.jpg (14807 bytes) Children on a school outing to the Great Wall.  Can you imagine these kids wearing Mao jackets?  What a whirlwind of color! 
IMG_8207_small.jpg (8868 bytes) Peking Opera - Taken 4/21/01 in Beijing.
IMG_8252_small.jpg (14992 bytes) Peking Opera - Taken 4/21/01 in Beijing.
IMG_8739_small.jpg (8840 bytes) Tang Dynasty Dinner & Show in Xi'an (4/23/01).  Dancers, musicians and singers dressed in (supposedly) Tang Dynasty traditional dress, from 618-907 A.D. 
CRW_9687_small.jpg (3733 bytes) Xiling Gorge on the Yangtze River (4/27/01).   This is an extreme example of how one can use Photoshop to enhance an otherwise lousy photo; it also demonstrates the wealth of detail that can be hidden in a D30 image; to see what I mean, check out the original!  
IMG_0333_small.jpg (13039 bytes) Dinner!  Taken at the open-air city market in WanZhou (4/29/01). 
IMG_1498.jpg (10648 bytes) "Master of the Nets" home & garden - Suzhou, China. I photographed this in homage to the Chinese landscapes wonderful examples of which we saw in museum in Shanghai, where traditionally the human figure plays a diminutive role. And, in a sense, there is a Chinese painting within the larger China "painting" that I've created (pun intended).

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