Drive West - September 2005

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A masters color management and digital printing workshop at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, Colorado, provided the excuse for my wife and me to drive west through Montana, again following the Missouri River, albeit with fewer stops and absent the focus on bridges, to its source in Three Forks, Montana.  We then dropped down through Idaho to Moab, Utah, spending a day and night there at Arches National Park.  Driving the next day to Snowmass, we detoured briefly to visit the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in western Colorado.  Many of the photos shown below were actually processed during the Anderson Ranch workshop.

West_0509_038_small25.jpg (11882 bytes)

West_0509_045_Sepia_small25.jpg (12245 bytes)

West_0509_056_small25.jpg (13409 bytes)

Abandoned farmstead, west of Lewistown, MT.
West_0509_058_small25.jpg (18400 bytes) Belt Creek Brew Pub, Belt, MT.
West_0509_071_small25.jpg (16924 bytes) Bend of the Missouri between Great Falls and Helena, MT.
West_0509_087_pan_small25.jpg (28976 bytes)

West_0509_142_small25.jpg (16909 bytes)

West_0509_204_small25.jpg (15851 bytes)

West_0509_214_small25.jpg (20041 bytes)

West_0509_230_cropped_small25.jpg (18081 bytes)

Arches National Park
West_0509_256_small25.jpg (14365 bytes) Big Bend of the Colorado River adjoining Arches National Park.

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