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Guatemala - February 2005
Three Families

Guatemala 2005 Markets
We photographed three families at three locations.  The first was a family used by Art Workshops in Guatemala for many years, who come on the first day with their backstrap looms (and many weavings and embroideries for sale), dressed in colorful Mayan dress.  Three generations are represented (or perhaps four), but only two smaller boys and none of the men come dressed in traditional garb (for reasons associated with attrocities committed against the indigenous peoples by the Guatemalan military fifteen or more years ago).

The second family was engaged literally spontaneously and was found living just behind our lodgings, the Hotel Toliman in San Lucas Toliman on Lake Atitlan.

The third family had been Nance's subject in a prior workshop, and we dropped in on them unannounced the workshop's last shooting day.

In all cases, the subjects were paid, for the first family I don't know how much, but for the other two twenty Quetzales (about US$2.50) per person, which I considered absurdly low until told that not long ago a day's wages in Guatemala was approximately 15Q.

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Mayan Formal 1

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Mayan Formal 2

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Mayan Formal 3

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Mayan Formal 4

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Weaving Hands

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Walking 1

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Walking 2

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Walking 3

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Walking 4

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Walking 5

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First Family

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At the Wall

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Not Sure

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Fun in Ruins

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Down the Steps

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Mayan Formal 5

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Mayan Formal 6

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Mayan Formal 7

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Mayan Formal 8

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Third Family 1

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(Third Family 2)

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Third Family 3


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