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Guatemala - February 2005

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As I mentioned to Nance after our first morning shooting there, markets are a target-rich environment.  This is only a small sampling of the hundreds of photos I took on two visits to the La Antigua market and one to that at San Lucas Toliman. In every case here, the photo is a "grab shot," often taken at a distance with my long lens.  Sometimes the subject is aware of my photography, but I expect not many realize how "close" I can get.
Guat_0502_0171.jpg (72388 bytes)

La Antigua Market 1

Guat_0502_0184.jpg (58402 bytes)

La Antigua Market 2

Guat_0502_0196.jpg (114068 bytes)

La Antigua Market 3

Guat_0502_0200.jpg (114663 bytes)

La Antigua Market 4

Guat_0502_0208.jpg (39307 bytes)

Breakfast at Market
(La Antigua Market 5)

Guat_0502_0261.jpg (113118 bytes)

La Antigua Market 6

Guat_0502_0456.jpg (87168 bytes)

San Lucas Toliman Market 1

Guat_0502_0516.jpg (116228 bytes)

La Antigua Market 7

Guat_0502_0521_Duotone.jpg (113164 bytes)

The Avocado Carrier
(La Antigua Market 8)

Guat_0502_0523.jpg (122822 bytes)

The Mango Eater
(La Antigua Market 9)

Guat_0502_0533.jpg (116702 bytes)

La Antigua Market 10

Guat_0502_0543_Duotone.jpg (128241 bytes)

Weighing Peas
(La Antigua Market 11)

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