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Guatemala - February 2005
Religion & Processions

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During the Lenten weeks the community and neighborhood churches of La Antigua hold processions that wind their way through La Antigua's streets.  The processions, day and night, might be a rich source of art photography, but we didn't have time to devote to them. Two photographs here are distinctly different:  they are taken in San Andreas Itzapa at one of four shrines to the Mayan deity/Catholic saint, Maximon/St. Simon, which are the Church's concession to Mayan traditional religion.  Only two photographs are included, capturing parts of several intricate and colorful ceremonies that I'd love to spend days observing and photographing.
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Procession 1

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Mayan Ceremony

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Praying to Maximon

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Procession 2

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Procession 3

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Way of the Cross


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