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India - March 2007

Road to Agra India 2007
Finally, we spent a portion of our last morning in India, after visiting the gardens of Mehtab Bagh, walking through Agra Fort.  Notable of the sights was that shown in Agra Fort 2, the view of the Taj Mahal from a veranda, the closest the deposed Emperor Shah Jehan was ever again to get to his wife's tomb after his son imprisoned him in the fort.

I snapped a group having their portrait taken at the Fort (Agra Fort 3), a photograph that like others in this final series says a lot about modern India.  From where do they come?  Apparently Muslims, but are they Indian, Pakistani, from the Middle East, from America?  In the end, it appears to matter little.  They, like us, were tourists enjoying the sights of Agra.

The last four photographs I think are so very representative of the sides of India we saw but never experienced.  From the Bus 1 shows us just another street vendor, this one with an appealingly-presented mound of fruit.  Was he eking out a living, or was he a minor entrepreneur?

In From the Bus 2 I finally captured the not-uncommon sight of a family of four astride a single motorbike. 

India Icon 1 was strange yet not exotic, and so very typical of just how different India is.  The red-shirted guy was getting off while the blue-shirted guy was getting on, with others running to catch the bus, all while the bus itself kept moving.  Can you imagine that in the U.S.? 

And then we have India Icon 2, which I think sums it all up perfectly:  a traditional sari-clad girl clinging to her boyfriend or husband on a motorbike speeding away from us.

Agra Fort 1

Agra Fort 2

Agra Fort 3

From the Bus 1

From the Bus 2

India Icon 1

India Icon 2


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