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India - March 2007

Sarnath India 2007 Jaipur Street
Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is also known as the "Pink City."  Only a few of the photos below and in the following gallery reflect that "pink" quality, and the other thing not adequately shown in these photos is just how hot it was during those three days.  Temperatures were reaching into the 90s, and photography anytime after 10 a.m. was simply grueling and not particularly productive.

Jaipur 2 was taken in the Jantar Mantar Observatory, a facility showcasing strengths of Islamic science and dedication to the astrological arts.

Jaipur 3 is of an ornate doorway in Jaipur's City Palace.  Henna (Jaipur 4) and Jaipur 5 are of a small group of Indian women in colorful saris, gathered in the shade within the City Palace grounds, celebrating the goddess Durgha.

Jaipur 6 captures a young girl in the midst of milk cans in the milk-selling market area of Jaipur.  In this case, the photo was taken from our bus.

The Amber Fort lies outside the city, one of several forts and palaces perched on surrounding hills.  Looking at Amber Fort 1 and 2, you might ask, "Why elephants?"  The answer is simply, that's what we rode to get from the valley floor to the fort itself.  Quite an experience, although with these two exceptions, not one that made for photography interesting to anyone but ourselves and members of the group.

Galta Monastery 1

Galta Monastery 2

Jaipur 1

Jaipur 2

Jaipur 3

[Jaipur 4]

Jaipur 5

Jaipur 6

Amber Fort 1

Amber Fort 2

Amber Fort 3

Amber Fort 4

Amber Fort 5

Amber Fort 6

Amber Fort 7

Amber Fort 8

Amber Fort 9


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