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Southern Italy -- Spring 2004

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In May 2004 we visited two locales in southern Italy, first being the Naples region by way of another fine University of Chicago Alumni College Abroad tour followed by an independent continuation of our stay in Sorrento on the Bay of Naples, and the second a brief visit to Catania, Sicily (necessitated by inflexible airlines' itinerary change policies).  Again, as I have for other recent travels, I tried to focus on artistic photography as opposed to touristic, as a result of which I limited the total photos taken to about 430 over two weeks.  For the first time, I also deleted substandard photos as I went along.  I did take my best equipment this trip, shooting all photos with the Canon 10D, most of them using the Canon 28-70mm f/2.8 "L" zoom lens.   Any concern I might have had about becoming a target of thieves proved needless (so far as I could tell -- although I did have a death grip on the camera all the time), and except for some rain in the first couple days our weather was gorgeous. The photos below sometimes represent a mix of those taken during the tour proper and then additional images from revisiting some of the same places.  I've not differentiated between the two sets.  You may pick and choose among the photos based on the thumbnails presented below (except in a few instances when the thumbnail is the only entry point to a related series [e.g., Pompeii]), or start with the first photo and proceed through them in sequence without returning here.

(Note also:  we returned to Italy in September, this time to locales north of Rome, and some extraordinary photos from that trip may be seen in the next gallery.)

CRW_8083_small.jpg (13528 bytes)  CRW_8087_small.jpg (6155 bytes) Impressions of the Palace of Caserta, built in the 18th century by the Bourbon King Charles III, outside Naples.
CRW_8127_small.jpg (5209 bytes) A Roman statue of a youth about to begin a footrace, in the National Archeological Museum in Naples.
CRW_8130_small.jpg (8209 bytes) The best photo of our visit to the the National Museum:  A trio of young girls intent on digitally photographing the frescoed ceiling in a great hall.
CRW_8143_Sepia_small.jpg (11382 bytes)

CRW_8157_small.jpg (18752 bytes)

CRW_8181_small.jpg (11142 bytes)  CRW_8224_Duotone_small.jpg (9247 bytes)

CRW_8491_small.jpg (18974 bytes)

CRW_8496_small.jpg (6847 bytes)  CRW_8504_Duotone_small.jpg (15450 bytes)

CRW_8520_Duotone_small.jpg (15927 bytes)




Impressions of the Amalfi Coast.  Hard as it is to avoid the temptation to take magnificent vistas along the Amalfi Coast, nonetheless here are also a few photos taken in the towns of Positano and Amalfi.

CRW_8245_small.jpg (8639 bytes) Doorways and gateways of the Isle of Capri (a series).  While many in our group were shopping, I sought out something unique to photograph.  The individual doors and gates of dwellings in both towns, Anacapri and Capri, caught my eye, and I photographed a number of them
CRW_8255_Duotone_small.jpg (13181 bytes)

CRW_8262_small.jpg (18839 bytes)

Impressions of Capri.
CRW_8303_Duotone_small.jpg (14203 bytes) Impressions of Pompeii, a series (and one photo from Herculaneum).  Many are in black and white (sometimes toned), which better befits this place of awesome death and destruction, but when I photographed a mosaic or fresco I purposefully not only retained the colors, but significantly enhanced them to better approximate (by my guess, anyway) how they may have appeared to the original inhabitants. 
CRW_8355_small.jpg (14400 bytes)  CRW_8359_small.jpg (7957 bytes)

CRW_8367_Duotone_small.jpg (12033 bytes)  CRW_8371_small.jpg (13542 bytes) CRW_8372_small.jpg (14173 bytes)





Impressions of Naples.

CRW_8486_small.jpg (12860 bytes)  CRW_8535_Duotone_small.jpg (10257 bytes)

CRW_8537_Sepia_small.jpg (15748 bytes)

CRW_8538_Duotone_small.jpg (10672 bytes)

CRW_8553_Duotone_small.jpg (9019 bytes)  CRW_8556_Duotone_small.jpg (8649 bytes)





Impressions of Sorrento.

CRW_8567_8-bit_small.jpg (10020 bytes) The world's next two supermodels, discovered on a boulevard in Catania, Sicily.
CRW_8578_Duotone_small.jpg (7399 bytes)  CRW_8579_Duotone_small.jpg (8468 bytes)

CRW_8602_small.jpg (16285 bytes)

Impressions of Catania, Sicily.

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