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All right, to be frank, I don't know what to call this group.  These are the miscellaneous "good" or "great" photographs that anyone accumulates over time.  Shown in reverse chronological order.

A visit to New York City in September 2017.
Alemar Cheese Company -- making the "Bent River" Camembert.
"Between Flights" -- we were on our way to NYC; he was going nowhere, at least for now.
wpe6.jpg (4611 bytes) Blue-Striped Building, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, April 2005
wpe5.jpg (4537 bytes) Cranes Against the Sky, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, April 2005
wpe4.jpg (7709 bytes) Building, Soho, NYC, April 2005
Carib_0503_117_small.jpg (10217 bytes) Queen Mary 2.  Photographed from the MS Rotterdam as we departed Phillipsburg harbor, St. Maarten.
CRW_0609_Duotone_small.jpg (4991 bytes) Awaiting Her Return - dogs, children and butterflies:  favorite "gotcha" themes for photographers.  Dogs especially sell a lot of photo greeting cards.  I couldn't resist, however:  we were babysitting my daughter's Boston Terrier, and I caught her one morning sleeping on the stoop of the door into our garage, just after my wife had left.  Maybe it was just the shaft of sunshine, but Ella was irresistible to my photographer's eye.
DeerLake_040724_041_small.jpg (12402 bytes) Fishing at Dusk - trolling on Deer Lake in northern Minnesota.  Notable perhaps technically as it was taken with the Canon EF 28-300mm "L" USM zoom lens with image stabilization, handheld at 1/125 and 300mm (effectively 480mm with the 10D) (ISO 100), demonstrating Canon's wonderful IS technology -- in an enlargement, the "Evinrude" brand name can be clearly and sharply seen on the outboard motor.
DeerLake_040724_002_8-bit_small.jpg (12955 bytes) Train Crane - a crane mounted on a railway flatcar, photographed July 2004 in Floodwood, MN.
IMG_2235_small.jpg (12760 bytes) Winter Grasses photographed in Edina, Minnesota.  The sun was low above the trees in the distance, thus shining through the grasses. 

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