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Coming out of my work with The Minnesota Opera, I have branched out to photograph performances of many kinds.  Some of those photographs are worth presenting here. 

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IMG_6360_small.jpg (4116 bytes) The Minnesota Opera

Photographs from two seasons, 2000-2002.

IMG_5288_small.jpg (13605 bytes) The Koch International Children's Festival, which I photographed for the organizer, The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, in St. Paul, MN, included a number of wonderful performances.  Photographs from some of those performances are presented here.
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IMG_3891_platinum.jpg (89174 bytes)

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In July 2002 my wife and I visited eastern Europe.  While in Budapest I encountered the 7th European Youth Theatre ensemble in a number of performances in the city's central square.  I took a number of photos of several of the individual performance groups, and the best show youthful intensity and beauty at their best.

I sent a CD containing all the photos (there were over 500 of them) to the organizer of the event.  Some time later I received the following gracious note from Josef Hollos in Vienna:

Dear Mister Haynes!

I had the opportunity in Cork/Ireland some days ago to show your CD to some of my theatre colleagues. [M]ost of them participated in the Encounter in Hungary. The biggest success was as the Hungarian organisers saw the pictures on the laptop because their official photographer did not appear during the final act, so they have now only your photo-report about the final performance. Some of the young Irish participants had seen also the CD. You can´t imagine the tears they had and how they enjoyed to see themselves and the "new" friends from the summer. You had with your work a very big success. And we were altogether very happy and appreciated the photos very much. Thank you very much!!!!

The Hungarian colleagues took the CD with themself to Budapest to use it for the final report and they are reporting your pictures under your name and under your copyright. You will get some copies of the report as it is published.  Everybody asked me to make in Vienna at least one copy for each participating country (17) plus three for the officials, and they could provide it [for] their youngsters in their own countries. ....  I can only promise to you, wherever we are publishing your photos, we are doing it under your name and we´ll also report your name in our official reports about Hungary. ....  Thank you for your great work and humanity you expressed in your pictures.

Best regards,

Josef Hollos, Chief Youth Officer of the City of Vienna, President of the Austrian National Centre of AITA/IATA (International Amateur-Theatre Association)

IMG_9762_small.jpg (6448 bytes) In August 2001 I offered to photograph a unique performance of Mozart's Die Zauberflöte [The Magic Flute] performed in the pow-wow grounds of the Kalispel Indian Reservation in Usk, in eastern Washington State.  They called the production "Shared Flute," denoting the unique contribution of the Kalispels to the performance.  Somehow, although I took hundreds of photos of the dress rehearsal and the first night's performance, and shared those photos with members of the perforance company, I never added any of them here.  This small collection (click the photo at left) makes amends for that oversight.
IMG_7797_Duotone_small.jpg (6920 bytes) Performances of the American National Ballet.  (New performance added:  October 2004)

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