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Site of the Medieval Synagogue - Regensburg

From an explanatory panel at the site:

"This place of encounter was erected by the Israeli sculptor Dani Karavan (b. 1930) on the foundations of the medieval synagogue. It is a reminder of Christians and Jews living together, which had been a prominent feature of Regensburg civic life since 981 [CE]. The Jewish quarter was razed to the ground in 1519 with the approval of [the] City Council. In 1995 traces of the pogrom resurfaced in the course of restructuring works on the Neupfarrplatz [New Parish Plaza]

"Dani Karavan has reproduced the layout of the synagoge in an artistic manner and thus brings home an important chapter in Regensburg's history

"Today people of all religions come together here. Regensburg residents have accepted this place full of gratitude and respect. It is meant to be a sign and food for thought for their children and children's children

"Hebrew characters in the area of the former torah shrine of the synagogue spell out the word 'Misrach,' [meaning] 'place of lighting up' or 'East'."