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If we have people, then we also have places.  These are often locales visited on travel and vacation but where the number of quality photos was not great enough to merit an individual sub-category.  So, here are the best of those (as before, click on an image to see a full-screen version or a collection):

Super Bloom California - 2019

A brief series taken at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in April 2019.  
  California Plus Two

Photos in Southern California and at two points during our return drive. 
A Drive To and Return From California

Things seen along the way.
Fisherman's Wharf

A summer day at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.
Backyard America

Photographs from Amtrak's California Zephyr in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California.
Mankato Old Town
Lake Harriet Journal

Photographs with the G11. 

Manzanillo, Mexico

Our most recent trip. 

Borderlands - October 2009

A trip through rural northern Minnesota. 

San Francisco - September 2009

A variety of urban photography.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - October/November 2007

Photos of this attractive Mexican city taken over a few days while visiting there.

Anderson Ranch - August 2007

Photos taken during a Photoshop workshop, incorporating HDR technology.

Niagara Falls - August 2007

A brief visit to the Falls on the Canadian side.

Millennium Park - Chicago

A sunny day in Chicago's very beautiful new public park addition.

Santa_Fe_0206_142_small25.jpg (9764 bytes) Santa Fe / Taos

Photographs taken during a brief visit.

West_0509_071_small25.jpg (16924 bytes) Drive West (Montana & Utah)

Again following the Missouri River, this time to its source, and then a visit to Arches National Park in Utah.

Seattle_6-05_35_Duotone_small25.jpg (11274 bytes) Seattle
Carib_0503_023_small.jpg (13239 bytes) San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 2005

A brief visit to the old city of San Juan.

CRW_5944_Duotone_small.jpg (12749 bytes) Before the Boats Arrive

The harbor at Charlevoix, Michigan, in late March.  Teeming with vacationers during the summer, at this time of year Charlevoix is in hibernation.

CRW_9330_small.jpg (15587 bytes) Lake Michigan shoreline revisited.  It was a cold day in late November 2003 when we returned to this stretch of land (see two other photos, above).  My brother Jeffrey is an environmental lawyer and has represented an elderly client in conveying this significant stretch of largely unchanged shoreline into a nature conservancy.  It has a rugged and largely unspoiled beauty too rare along the Great Lakes shorelines.
IMG_7028_thumb.jpg (14332 bytes) The Wide Missouri!   I celebrated the Lewis & Clark expedition bicentennial in my own small way by a September 2003 driving trip along the Missouri River.  A combination of minimalist photographs taken in America's Heartland with panoramas of the great bridges and dams crossing the Missouri River.
CRW_1484_8-bit_small.jpg (9773 bytes)

CRW_1485_8-bit_small.jpg (11418 bytes)

Lake Michigan shoreline near Elberta, Michigan.  Processed for high contrast.
IMG_0697_B&W_small.jpg (8094 bytes) Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.   Shops lining the avenue either side of the elevated train serve this concentration of Russian immigrants, with exterior signs and interior service conducted first in Russian and only secondarily in English.  I loved the repeated patterns of sunlight, shadows and structural steel.
IMG_9661_small.jpg (9299 bytes) Cemetery, Beaufort, North Carolina.   "Old Burying Ground - Deeded to town, 1731, by Nathanael Taylor.  Capt. Otway Burns of the War of 1812, Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers buried here."  
IMG_6193_small.jpg (8525 bytes) Grapes & Wine!   In early October, 2002, I visited three vineyards and three wineries in California's Sonoma County and Napa Valley.  It was a trip originally scheduled for September 2001, but 9/11 (and other complications) intervened, so I made good on my promise to Flowers Vineyards & Winery and Pride Mountain Vineyards to come out this year to photograph harvest and crush.  Click on the thumbnail to link to the entire series.
CRW_9742_pan_small.jpg (6761 bytes) Mountain lake at sunset, west of Ione, WA, August 2001.  I happened on this lake after an all-day drive around the "Selkirk Loop," a gorgeous drive taking in the northern portion of the Idaho panhandle, a bit of British Columbia (including Kootenay Lake and the town of Nelson [remember the movie Roxanne?]), and extreme northeastern Washington state.  The time of day was just about perfect. 
IMG_8134_watercolor_small.jpg (6088 bytes)

CRW_0584_small.jpg (12081 bytes)

Lighthouse at Point Betsie, on Lake Michigan's eastern shore near my hometown of Beulah, MI.  Believe it or not, no polarizing filter was used for this photo; the original image contains this intense blue -- it was late afternoon on a beautiful summer day.  I took a couple photos with different compositions, but the large proportion of negative, bright blue space here appealed to me.

In August 2004 I returned to Point Betsie.  After all, it is only nine miles from the house where I grew up (and where my mother still lives).  So this is a different treatment of the scene, in a photo taken very late in the afternoon.  A friend says this is the second most photographed lighthouse in the United States.

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