Seattle and Olympic National Park - September 2003

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My wife and I visited Seattle, Washington, with a brief side-trip to a corner of Olympic National Park, in September 2003.  The entire Pacific Northwest I consider an immensely, photographically "target-rich" environment.  The first series below were taken at the Pike Place Market, where some of my earliest digital fine art photography occurred, and the second are a few scenes taken within the southeast corner of Olympic National Park on a one-mile hike from Staircase (see map).

CRW_6345_8-bit_small.jpg (19648 bytes)

CRW_6349_8-bit_small.jpg (27311 bytes)

CRW_6352_8-bit_small.jpg (17762 bytes)


Flowers captured in the morning sunlight at Pike Street Market.  We were in Seattle at the end of over 70 continuous days of sun, with no rain, which must be some kind of record.  These colors, standing out against the dark background, were almost too saturated even before bringing the images into Photoshop!
CRW_6355_8-bit_small.jpg (13327 bytes) Peppers strung on a wire outside Pike Place Market.
CRW_6370_8-bit_small.jpg (28645 bytes)

CRW_6371_8-bit_small.jpg (15402 bytes)

Displays at the most prominently located fish market inside Pike Place Market.
CRW_6471_8-bit_small.jpg (19146 bytes)

CRW_6492_8-bit_small.jpg (8612 bytes)  CRW_6493_8-bit_small.jpg (8155 bytes)

One gets in a very "Elliot-Porterish" frame of mind upon entering Olympic National Park.  The densely foliated, intensely green, and often dark ecology cries out for photographs where detail must be sought through dilated pupils.  Sunlight breaks through only sparingly, but is sought out where it lands.  I dearly would like to spend days, even weeks, exploring this territory.  We unfortunately had only hours this trip.

These are dark images with a lot of subtle detail; best viewed in a dark room.

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