The Karen Gallery
April 2009

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My first solo show happened at the Karen Gallery in downtown Minneapolis, with the opening reception on April 4, 2009.  Fourteen framed prints, ten of them from my archived collection, but four new (Abigail & the Box 10, Brooke & the Box 7, Brooke Relaxes 12 and Chicks).  A modest attendance, with several models showing up (among them Brooke and Samantha [Crescent] seen below).

Abigail & the Box 10

Billiards with Pistol 8

Brooke & the Box 7

Brooke Relaxes 12


CRW_7771_Duotone_small25.jpg (5402 bytes)

(Dancing in Place 2)

Flemish Light 4

CRW_9324_8-bit_small25.jpg (10357 bytes)

Harvest of Woman

Homage_EW_framed_small25.jpg (12188 bytes)

Hommage EW


NS_050804_107_small25.jpg (4642 bytes)

Jazz Hot 15


Guat_0502_0516_small25.jpg (13774 bytes)

La Antigua Market 7

Manzanillo 08-9


IMG_7260_BW_small25.jpg (11517 bytes)

The Honored Dead


CRW_8993_small25.jpg (7472 bytes)

The Stone Arch Bridge