Performances - "Shared Flute"

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IMG_0006_noise_reduc_small.jpg (9503 bytes) The Frog Island Singers, who drummed and chanted between scenes.
IMG_9010_small.jpg (7529 bytes) Papageno and Pamina early in the opera.
IMG_9358_small.jpg (3650 bytes) Sarastro looking regal.
IMG_9559_small.jpg (6669 bytes) Papagena and Papageno anticipating lots and lots of children.
IMG_9762_small.jpg (6448 bytes) A Kalispel tribe member performing the flute before the opening (and only) night's performance.
IMG_9801_small.jpg (8822 bytes) An enthusiastic audience member -- the younger members were particularly enthralled.  The audience came from all over Washington and western Idaho to see Shared Flute.

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