2010 Minnesota State Fair

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My day at the Fair in 2010 was cold.  Temperatures in the 50s.  Overcast skies.  Lighting was pretty much perfect for photography, but everyone was bundled up. 

Nevertheless, some pretty good photography resulted, with the usual bunch of "people at the Fair" photos -- especially some cute ones of children.

Stolen Calories

Cold Day at the Fair

Must Go Down

Will Go Down


Cold, Who's Cold?

Hold On

Voting With Feet

Hot Fries

Ooh, That Hair!

Life Is Good 1

Life Is Good 2

Birth is Fascinating 1

Towheads and Piglet

Birth is Fascinating 2


Doesn't Care if it is Cold

Scream-Maker 1

Scream-Maker 2

Scream-Maker 3

Why is a Nice Girl Like You
Selling Fried Alligator?

Taking Loot Home

What To Do Now?

Scream-Maker 4

Love Pink

Fun in a Ball 1

Fun in a Ball 2

Fun in a Ball 3

Fun in a Ball 4

Tuckered Out


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