California Plus Two
Southern California Scenes & Two Stops on Our Return 
August 2018
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We spent the better part of August in Southern California and driving there and back.  Here are a few notable photos taken in Santa Monica, Santa Barbara. Ojai and the Getty Villa near Malibu.  We took a southern route on the return drive, which permitted a visit to Petrified Forest National Park and the Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Santa Monica 1

Santa Monica 2

Santa Monica 3

Santa Barbara 1

Santa Barbara 2

Santa Barbara 3

Santa Barbara 4

Santa Barbara 5

Santa Barbara 6

Santa Barbara 7

Santa Barbara 8

Ojai Valley Inn 1

Ojai Valley Inn 2

Ojai Valley Inn 3

Ojai Valley Inn 4

Ojai Valley Inn 5

Getty Villa 1

Getty Villa 2

Getty Villa 3

Getty Villa 4

Getty Villa 5

Getty Villa 6

Getty Villa 7

Getty Villa 8

Getty Villa 9

Getty Villa 10

Getty Villa 11

Petrified Forest National Park 1

Petrified Forest National Park 2

Crystal Bridges Art Museum 1

Crystal Bridges Art Museum 2