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Caribbean-Cuba Cruise - January 2019

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We escaped Minnesota's wintry cold with a cruise through the Western Caribbean, including stops in Cozumel, Belize, Grand Cayman, and especially Cuba.  In Cuba, we visited two cities:  Cienfuegos and Havana.

A number of decent photographs resulted, seen here.


Thatched Roof Idyll


Altun Ha Mayan Ruins I

Altun Ha Mayan Ruins II

Crocodile - River Wallace

Iguana - River Wallace


Wall Art

Flower Child


A Gated Door

Cellphone 1

Cellphone 2

Cellphone 3

Cellphone 4

Cellphone 5

Our Wake

Cleaning Fish I

Cleaning Fish II


Our Fans?


Cienfuegos Channel

Cienfuegos Channel Fort

Arrival of the Mega-Ships

MS Nieuw Statendam

Waiting for Florence

Parade of the Tall Ships

This Would Be Paradise

Castillo de los Tres Reyes Del Morro

Dawn Patrol

Two Seconds to Sunrise

Classic Chevy

Old Man and the Sea

Fisherman and His Patron God

Casting Upon the Waters


Classic Cars


Little Girls

Watch that Finger, Buddy!

Tired Girl

Posing with "Monument of the Street Person"

Luncheon Entertainment

Socialist Realism Art?

Universal Boyhood

Small Admirer

OK, Form, but What is the Substance?

Busker Central


Trash Hauler

Sun-Powered Clothes Dryer

Water for Horses

Arrival Ft. Lauderdale I

Arrival Ft. Lauderdale II