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Viking Grand European Cruise
June-July 2019

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My wife and I took a Viking "long ship" cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, with an initial three nights in Prague and an extended stay in Amsterdam.  All told, three weeks in Europe.

Fifteen hundred photos taken, which is a fairly modest number given the length of the trip.  After culling photos not meeting my standards for quality, about 800 photos remained.  Of those, 172 -- or 21% -- are presented here.  Rather than offer a "travelogue" presentation, I've divided photos into four groups:  1) Best Photos (often including people); 2) Castles and ruins thereof seen along waterways we traversed; 3) Cathedrals, churches and synagogues visited, often with high dynamic range photos of interiors; and 4) Villages and their associated vineyards.

Each category yields its own rewards, and I consider a very small number of the photos to be outstanding, although I'll leave to your own judgment which (if any) those might be.

Best Photos
Castles (and Castle Ruins)
Cathedrals, Churches & Synagogues
Villages and Vineyards