2006 Minnesota State Fair

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Here is my take on the 2006 Fair.  (Take a look especially at the "Food Stands at Night" series, which contains some wonderful nighttime photography of some of the Fair's best attractions -- the food!)

Saturday - Day 1

White Water

Water Break

No Water White Water

Would You Eat Here?

Merry-Go-Round 1

Merry-Go-Round 2

Down from Winnipeg

Monkey on Her Back

Missing Child

Between Bites


What Does She See?
(I know what Dad sees)


Ride 1

Midway 1

Midway 2

Midway 3

Ride 2

Ride 3

Food Stands at Night
(A Series)

I returned later the following week, looking for some more good photos.  I also carried prints of the first set of food concession stands photos to distribute to the stands I photographed.  That evening I photographed even more food concessions, the best of which have been added to the "Food Stands at Night" series.

Thursday - Day 2

Jumping Joy 1

Jumping Joy 2

Jumping Joy 3

Hold Tight

In Flight

Another Large Monkey



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