2014 Minnesota State Fair

2009 State Fair State Fair

The 2014 State Fair opened to hot and humid weather, which I avoid if possible.  The first day forecast to be temperate and dry I went, however, and since it was midweek attendance was lower than average.  (One of the Labor Day Weekend day's attendance broke the previous record, meaning that crowds were shoulder-to-shoulder.) 

Since I arrived before the 9 a.m. concession opening, I was able to capture many of the food stands with no customers, complementing one of my better efforts from earlier years when I photographed those stands (and you'll note many of them are the same) after dark in 2006.  Thereafter, my principal subjects were the people seen everywhere, from 9 a.m. until dusk.

New Fair Entrance

Purchase the Perfect Pickle Here

No Customers (Yet)

Someone Really Buys This Stuff?

A Fair Staple

Relax While You Have a Chance

(Relatively) Empty Streets

Chinese Food Has Reached the State Fair

Another Fair Staple (Actually Delicious)

"Hotter Than A Turtle"?

Too Much Sugar For Me

But No Maple Syrup

Where to O.D. on Sugar

Love Those Corn Dogs (Not Me!)

Fair Profile

Back to Back, Moving Forward

Strolling on the Boulevard

Marionettes -- I Know a Grandson Who Would Love These

Pint-Sized Driver 1

Pint-Sized Driver 2

Walking and Texting

In a Hurry

Grandpa and Granddaughter 1

Grandpa and Granddaughter 2

Nothing Sweeter Than a Baby Lamb 1 ...

Nothing Sweeter Than a Baby Lamb 2 ...

Nothing Sweeter Than a Baby Lamb 3 ...

... Unless It's a Baby Goat (Kid) 1

... Unless It's a Baby Goat (Kid) 2

Watching Fish

On an Empty Stomach or Full?

Teddy Bear on Her Back

Taking a Break

So Nice to be Held and Carried

Fast Walk

Some Will Sit While Others Push

While Some Will Simply Sit

Pretty Face

Blonde Bombshell

Everyone Loves a Parade

I'm in the Parade, Too!

You Only Ride This Way Once


Grabshot Beauty

Coming from the Horse Barns

A Gaggle of Teenagers

She Never Turned All The Way 'Round

Tuckered Out

Running Low on Funds


Two Towheads and a Tall Man

Corn Dogs at Day's End

But Where is Your Child?

Final Rest