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Viking Grand European Cruise 2019 - Castles

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Castles seen along the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers, with a large number photographed along the Middle Rhine (sometimes called the "Rhine Gorge").  Those Middle Rhine castles and castle ruins have been photographed thousands of times before, so -- other than quality -- I fear these photos add nothing to the wealth of images already on the Internet.

Devinsky Hrad (Danube)

Church, Krems an der Donau,
With Castle Ruins Beyond.

Burgruine Dürnstein (Danube)

Hinterhaus Castle - Spitz

Wertheim Castle (Main)

Henneburg Stadtprozelten (Main)

Kollenburg (Main)

Castle Ruins Near Rudesheim

Mouse Tower (Rhine)

Ehrenfels Castle (Rhine)

Rheinstein Castle (Middle Rhine)

Reichenstein Castle (Middle Rhine)

Sooneck Castle (Middle Rhine)

Unknown Small Fortification
(Middle Rhine - East Bank)

Fürstenberg Castle (Middle Rhine)

[Youth] Hostel Burg Stahleck
Bacharach (Middle Rhine)

Gutenfels Castle (and Hotel)
(Middle Rhine)

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle (Middle Rhine)

Schönburg (Castle/Hotel)
(Middle Rhine)

Rheinfels Castle and Fortress
(Middle Rhine)

Maus Castle (Middle Rhine)

Marksburg Castle (Middle Rhine)