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Viking 2019 - Villages & Vineyards

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We passed villages and their associated vineyards, all along each of the three rivers we sailed from Budapest to Amsterdam.  Wines ranged from Hungarian and Austrian whites (some made from the pinot blanc grape) to the great rieslings found along the Rhine in Germany.  (Not especially germane to the photos shown here, I'll note that Viking served wine gratis for both lunch and dinner throughout the cruise.)

The last two photos below are of Winningen, to which we took an excursion, a small vineyard-surrounded village on the Moselle close to Koblenz, Germany, tasting one small family-owned winery's rieslings.  The winery's wines were well made although not outstanding, except for a bottle I purchased to drink aboard the ship:  a 2012 Domgarten Eiswein from Weingut Freiherr von Heddesdorff, for an amazing price of 33 Euros -- very sweet, slightly botrytised, but with ample acidity that brought a sprightly balance to the wine.

Krems an der Donau (Austria)

Weißenkirchen (Austria)

Spitz (Austria)

Small town along the Main River, Germany

Schloss Johannisberg (German)

Niederwald Monument (Germany)

Oberwesel (Germany)

Winningen (Germany)

Winningen (Germany)