Performances - "Koch International Children's Festival"

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IMG_4870_small.jpg (6551 bytes) The Koch International Children's Festival, which I photographed for the organizer, The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, in St. Paul, MN, included a number of wonderful performances.  Photographs from several of those performances are presented here.

Cirque Eos.

IMG_5470_small.jpg (4515 bytes) Koch Festival:  "Dreams in a Toybox," from Japan, an entrancing performance with marionettes that was a delight to youngsters in the audience (although this photograph shows none of them).
IMG_5768_small.jpg (4155 bytes) Koch Festival; a Latin band performance on the outdoor Rice Park stage.
IMG_5288_small.jpg (13605 bytes) Koch Festival.  Members of Cirque Eos backstage.

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