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Guatemala - February 2005

Religion & Processions Guatemala 2005
This "miscellaneous" section contains some of my most artistic photography taken during the workshop.  I've often added remarks on individual photos' pages, but I do wish to note here that the Traces of Womankind series is a tribute to Nance, who was photographer for the wonderful book, Womankind.
Guat_0502_0005.jpg (63581 bytes)

Bags for Sale

Guat_0502_0309.jpg (80188 bytes)

Sitting Beside Me

Guat_0502_0315.jpg (111899 bytes)

Return from Market

Guat_0502_0322_a.jpg (81116 bytes)

Fast Food

Guat_0502_0345.jpg (225493 bytes)

Traces of Womankind I

Guat_0502_0342.jpg (141440 bytes)

Traces of Womankind II

Guat_0502_0346.jpg (163668 bytes)

Traces of Womankind III

Guat_0502_0408.jpg (149812 bytes)

Washing 1

Guat_0502_0409.jpg (179164 bytes)

Washing 2

Guat_0502_0659.jpg (59404 bytes)

Candlelight Vigil

Guat_0502_0690.jpg (72618 bytes)

Two Urns

Guat_0502_0698_Duotone.jpg (103153 bytes)

Early Morning Street

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