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India - March 2007
Delhi Miscellaneous

Delhi Miscellaneous India 2007 Delhi Miscellaneous

We briefly toured New Delhi, mostly viewing the public parks and government buildings by bus.  In Delhi 1, I was struck by the repeated forms of domes, even including the traffic light (twice).

Then was a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qutb Minar Tower (Delhi 2 & 3).  The tower itself is oft-photographed, so you will not find my own photographs here.  Instead, I was drawn to repeated forms again, this time the columns of the ancient structures, one of them counterpointed beautifully by two Indian women in Punjabi suits.

Delhi 5 is representative of a scene repeated often across India:  roadside tent dwellings.  The photograph was taken from the bus and so I can make no particular claim to artistic merit here, but as the trip progressed I was struck by the number of apparently homeless people in the cities we visited.  A guide said that they were migrant workers, moving to where work was to be found.  Even if that was the case, the poverty, lack of sanitary conditions, and other things we could observe said much about impoverished classes in India.

Finally, Humayun's Tomb (Delhi 6-8) was a Mughal precursor to the Taj Mahal.  Its symmetry cried out for depiction as seen here.

Delhi 1

Delhi 2
[Qutb Minar Tower]

Delhi 3
[Qutb Minar Tower]

Delhi 4

Delhi 5

Delhi 6
[Humayun's Tomb]

Delhi 7
[Humayun's Tomb]

Delhi 8
[Humayun's Tomb]

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