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India - March 2007
Varanasi - Sarnath

Varanasi India 2007 Jaipur
Sarnath, just outside Varanasi, is the site Indian history records as the place at which Buddha preached his first sermon upon gaining enlightenment.  The grounds include a temple and a very large stupa, the Dhamekh (sometimes Dhamekha) Stupa (stupa:  a dome-shaped monument, used to house Buddhist relics or to commemorate significant facts of Buddhism).  Although Sarnath 1 below was taken inside the temple (a 20 rupee camera fee), of a monk delivering a sermon to a group of Sri Lankan pilgrims, I otherwise took no photographs of the facilities themselves.  I did find fascinating, however, a group of Buddhist monks (from perhaps Thailand or Cambodia) gathered at the stupa, and being honored by a group of pilgrims (who themselves appeared to be Japanese). 

The Littlest Hawker (Sarnath 2) is my favorite photo of the group, and one of my favorites of the trip.  A very small boy, a shrimp among the hordes of boys hawking souvenirs, reached through the fence hoping to find a buyer for his simple Buddhist icon.

Ironically, although India is the historical foundation for Buddhism, Buddhists represent only about 1% of the Indian population.

Sarnath 1

The Littlest Hawker
[Sarnath 2]

Sarnath 3

Sarnath 4

Sarnath 5

Sarnath 6


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