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Northern Italy -- Fall 2004

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We followed the Spring trip to Naples and Sicily with a tour in September 2004.   Wife Patricia, our two daughters, and I joined one of Rick Steves' Europe Through The Back Door Best of Italy tours, September 7-23.  Again I concentrated on non-traditional, hopefully artistic photography at each location along our route, which was extensive (map).  This was the first extended trip where the Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 "L" IS [Image Stabilization] USM zoom lens served as my workhorse.  I have written about the camera kit taken on this trip, for those who may be interested.  In addition, with this trip I've commented about fine art photography on tours.   As with my other photos taken abroad, don't expect the normal photos of the prominent landmarks.

Following are the major stops along our tour.  Each thumbnail takes you to one or (in most cases) several photographs taken in that location.  I've annotated each photo with title and some descriptive information.  (As always, fine art prints of these photos are available; a softcover book containing most of these photos and others taken during the tour is also available.)

Footnote:  As a follow-up to our tour, I composed and had printed a 40-odd page 6"x8" softcover book containing many of these photographs (plus some primarily of interest to the tour members), offering it to the tour members at $25, barely above cost.  These photo books, available for some time to Mac users through the iPhoto technology, may now readily be printed for PC-using digital photographers by MyPublisher.  Judging by reactions of those who purchased it, this permanent, bound recollection of our trip was quite a hit.   And even if it is a trip only for yourself, the cost of producing such a book is minimal, so it might be investigated as a permanent record of any trip, event or occasion.   I shall be repeating the exercise on future trips.
Italy_0409_0004_small.jpg (6993 bytes) Milan
Italy_0409_0028_small.jpg (5357 bytes) Lake Como
Italy_0409_0049_BW_small.jpg (5256 bytes) Verona
Italy_0409_0090_small.jpg (4190 bytes) Alpe di Siusi (in the Dolomites)
Italy_0409_0167_Duotone_small.jpg (5152 bytes) Venice
Italy_0409_0327_small.jpg (3382 bytes) Florence
Italy_0409_0374_Duotone_small.jpg (6657 bytes) Pisa
Italy_0409_0457_small.jpg (7839 bytes) Cinque Terre
Italy_0409_0517_small.jpg (4216 bytes) San Gimignano
Italy_0409_0652_Duotone_small.jpg (6477 bytes) Siena
Italy_0409_0704_small.jpg (7296 bytes) Assisi
Italy_0409_0718_small.jpg (5940 bytes) Orvieto
Italy_0409_0803_small.jpg (3346 bytes) Rome

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