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Cruise to the Orinoco River

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In December 2000 we took the MS Rotterdam, flagship of the Holland America fleet, on its maiden voyage up the Orinoco River in Venezuela.  Very few cruise ships had ever navigated the river.  And in addition to the up-river voyage, we touched on the islands of St. Lucia, Trinidad, and Martinique.  This was my first trip with the D30, and pictures of varying quality resulted (I was still climbing the camera's learning curve).  The very best, very few, are shown here.

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113-1341_CRW_small.jpg (13174 bytes) In the Botanical Gardens at Soufriére, on the island of St. Lucia, I took several photos in RAW mode, some of them macros.   Although several are very colorful and even above average, this is the one that to me stands out.  I have unfortunately discarded the technical data.
_small.jpg (12117 bytes) We were treated to several stage shows while cruising.  These two photographs came from the most memorable and most photogenic.   I sat to one side in the ship's theater and snapped away.
IMG_0884_small.jpg (9278 bytes) Ditto.

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