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Here is a mix of posed and candid people photos.  The largest collection is that of the Minnesota State Fair, which always also contains the year's Fair I've most recently photographed.

Presented in reverse chronological order.

The Minnesota State Fair - updated September 2017 (includes new State Fair collections for 2015, 2016 and 2017)
5th Annual Augtoberfest - sponsored by Restaurant Tilia, Linden Hills
London's 2015 Gay Pride Day
A large number of candid people photos may be seen in the collection resulting from our June 2015 trip to England.  (Opens in a new window; close the window to return here.)
Woman - Food Court Near Whitney Museum, NYC
Taos, New Mexico, 2013 Fiesta
St. Patrick's Day Parade - NYC - March 17, 2008
Carib_0503_221_small.jpg (16319 bytes)

Carib_0503_225_small.jpg (15898 bytes)

Snorkelers, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.   (High contrast black & white brings to these a nearly abstract quality.)
Carib_0503_035_Duotone_small.jpg (9260 bytes) Man seated in front of the Museo Pablo Casals, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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IMG_7111_Duotone_small.jpg (10484 bytes)

Top:  Buena Vista Social Club Revisited -- street musicians, Havana, Cuba.

Bottom:  School girls, Havana, Cuba.

IMG_4718_small.jpg (7926 bytes) "Taking a Break" -- a couple apparently quite worn out from walking at the Minnesota State Fair, August 2002.
IMG_2542_small.jpg (3665 bytes) So here's the story: My wife, grown daughter and I were on the train from Budapest to Zagreb. Seated across from us was this deliciously beautiful Russian girl, on the way I presume to the clothing optional beaches of the Dalmatian Coast. She was wearing this lovely, slinky, diaphanous black dress. Had I been alone, I would have asked without hesitation to photograph her during the entire journey. As it was, she had pity on me and closed her eyes long enough as we approached Zagreb that I surreptitiously snapped this portrait of her.
IMG_1245_small.jpg (8895 bytes) My friend Bill is 80 years old and still a very active painter.  I was asked recently to photograph him in anticipation of a reception honoring his 80 years, and one photo of them all stood out.

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